What do you think is going to happen to Sophie?


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We have published several books this year! Which publishing project was your favorite? Why?

Please respond to at least one friend about their choice!

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Nonfiction Text Features

What were the 5 nonfiction text features you used in your book that you published?

Which nonfiction text feature do you find most helpful? Why?

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Poetry-quatrains, limericks or haiku

Which do you like writing, a limerick, a quatrain or a  haiku? Why?

Please share some of your poetry that you are working on for your poetry book.  Feel free to comment on your friend’s poetry!

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How did you like writing your Haiku poems?  Write one here!

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Reading Nonfiction Text

How is reading nonfiction different from reading fiction? Have you found any text features that you use to help you understand nonfiction?

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Twisted Fairy Tales

Which twisted fairy tale do you like best? What fairy tale are you using as inspiration for your twisted tale?

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The Mitten

Which version of The Mitten was your favorite? If you wrote your version of  The Mitten, what animals would you have enter the mitten?

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Legends or Fables

Which one do you like best…legends or fables. Please tell me why you like one type of traditional literature better than the other. What is your favorite legend or fable we have read? Why?

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Dr. Martin Luther King Junior

After reading about Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, what do you like most about him? Why do you think he is important in history?

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What are you reading?

What are you reading right now? Please tell us about your book or books. Please try to include the genre!!

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Historical Fiction

What historical event is taking place in your historical fiction piece?

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Who is your suspect and why?

Now that we are in the middle of the A-Z Mystery Runaway Racehorse, who is your suspect and why? Do you think the horse they raced was Whirlaway? Why or why not?

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Monster Match

Do you think your group wrote directions that could be followed easily?

Did you think the directions you had to use to create the other monster the second graders built were easy to follow? Why or why not?

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Mystery or Humor?

Which genre do you like reading, mystery or humor? Why?

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Wanted Poster

What mystery did you read for your wanted poster? What happened in your mystery?

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David Shannon and Mike Thaler

We have read books by both of these authors. How are these authors alike? How are they different?

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Hubie, Snarvey or Bubba and Bumpo

Which Mike Thaler character would you like to have as your friend? We have met Snarvey Grooper, from his Funny Firsts Books or,  Hubie, from the Black Lagoon Books, or would it be the Bully Brothers?  Why would they make a good friend?

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Mike Thaler

What is your favorite Mike Thaler Book? Do you think he is a good author? Why or why not?

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The Cay

How do you think Phillip will survive with out Timothy?

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